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Let the disciples Live in Love & Love in Life

The Soul in The Son of God

A product of the Union of Spirit and Matter

The Soul is an embodiment of Consciousness of Mind, The expression of Divine Intelligent Awareness

The Soul is a unity of energy vibrating in unison with 1 of the Seven Ray Lives and colored by a particular Ray of Light.

The Personality of The Soul is the embodiment of Love applied intelligently, producing an attractive form, which will serve to express that Loving Intelligence 

The Soul is intended to be the embodiment of Divine Purpose applied in great Active Creativity, which produces The Power of Creative Love

We are born of The Love of The Father for The Mother, of a desire of Life for Form  

Express The Love, The Magnetic Attractiveness of GOD'S Nature and

The Responsiveness of Form Nature and The I Am Consciousness ITself of The Awareness of Deity in Life


by Bell